Question: When do you recommend I replace an existing heating or air conditioning system?
Answer: If your heating or air conditioning system is old, ineffective or seriously in need of repair, you may wish to consider replacing your system immediately. Keep in mind that the heating or air-conditioning systems in place today exceed the performance standards of systems that were in use as little as 10 to 15 years ago. The wear and tear on a neglected or poorly maintained system system greatly reduces the efficiency of the system. Mostly, people worry about the expenses involved with repairing or replacing an existing heating and air-conditioning system. However consider that a poor system could also result in higher utility costs and over time, that could add up to a lot of money out of your pocket. Instead, think about the possibility that utility cost savings of a new unit, could potentially provide a return on your investment. In addition most systems can be financed which is where you’ll most likely notice a great cost savings on your utility bills which may offset the monthly cost of the system.

Question: How much should I expect to pay for new heating and air-conditioning systems?
Answer: There are many factors to consider when guaging the cost of a new heating or air conditioning system. These factors include the type of system, the size of your home, the type and condition of the ductwork installed and accessories you might need such as a thermostat and other air cleaners. When we do an initial consultation with you, we’ll be able to accurately determine what your costs will be

Question: What do I need to know to pick the right heating and air-conditioning system?
Answer: You’ll have to ensure that the unit is properly sized. Next will be making sure that the unit doesn’t create uneven temperatures throughout the home. If you or someone in your family has allergies then you’ll want to consider a unit with an ECM motor so that the air can be circulated in your home continuously while filtering the air.

Question: How long can I expect a new system to last?
Answer: What we recommend is that along with your new or replaced heating or air-conditining system, you should implement a preventative and maintenance service for your system. Units that are serviced regularly can last 10 – 12 years. With a great maintenance agreement you can extend the life of your system for an additional 3 to 5 years on top of that.

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